Photo courtesy of John Gellman Photography

Dillon N' Ashe is an American rock power trio formed in 2013, based out of Brooklyn, NY. DNA was envisioned by brothers Jonathan (Vocals/Guitar) & Andrew Ellington (Drums). The name originated from their middle names Andrew Dillon and Jonathan Ashe, which hold deep roots in their family tree and hometown city of Asheville, NC. Bassist Josh Carter lives in Brooklyn, NY and just as much of a brother to Andrew and Jonathan, having played in previous bands with each of them. Dillon N' Ashe is an expression of each members innate musical style and influence, producing a refreshing and unique blend of raw and expressive blues, hip hop, and alternative rock into one big sound. DNA is said to have a throwback sound with classic rocknroll grit and attitude. Jimm O' Donnell of Live Music News and Review states, "On 'virtual vinyl' they sound kind of alt-Nashville with a grungy edge. Live, it's more like an aggressive alt-pop-grunge power trio. The songs are mostly short and concise, like pop songs, managing to squeeze in some serious riffs." The band strives to make every live show a new and vivid experience through their collective chemistry on stage, aiming to leave fans satisfied and craving for more of the rock! Catch DNA steamrollin' through a city near you!